Daniel Bednarik: Education Experience

Daniel Bednarik lives and works in Germantown, Maryland.  The focus of his career has been in and around biopharmaceutical research.  He recently left his position with Intrexon Corporation, where he was the Vice President of Operations for the Molecular Engineering Unit, to take on an exciting new venture in the field of biopharmaceuticals. He will now serve as a Senior Consultant in the defining of the funding and operations for a new immunotherapy approach. Said approach is anticipated to be paradigm-changing and completely proprietary. Details are pending closure of financing. He has over 28 years of experience under his belt and has undergone a number of years of higher education to gain knowledge and expertise on biopharmaceutics and related areas of study, which have ultimately got him to where he is today.

Daniel Bednarik started his undergraduate education at Rider University, a private University in New Jersey that was founded in 1865 and has about 4,000 undergraduate students.  Dan graduated from Rider with his Bachelor of the Arts in Biology in 1980.  However, he was not ready to finish his higher education, and shortly after he enrolled in the Temple University School of Medicine.  The University is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and is a highly selective medical school, with an acceptance rate of only 5.6%.  Daniel Bednarik earned his Master’s of Science in Biochemistry in 1982 from the University.  After obtaining this prestigious degree, Daniel went on to continue his education beyond this and obtained his Ph. D. in Biochemistry in 1985.

Immediately following his Ph.D. program, Daniel Bednarik enrolled in the Johns Hopkins Oncology Center at Johns Hopkins University to complete his postdoctoral fellowship, which he completed in four years, ultimately finishing in 1989 .  During his fellowship at John’s Hopkins,  Daniel was employed at the center as a junior faculty member.  He was an instructor, which allowed him to teach his knowledge and understanding of the field to younger students, but also gained a great deal of invaluable experience working in the biopharmaceutical research world and expanded upon his knowledge of the subject by working alongside more experienced scientists.

At Johns Hopkins, Daniel centered his research and education on the mechanisms of viral latency and molecular mechanisms of interferon action.  In his role as an instructor, Daniel Bednarik contributed to creation and cultivation of educative programs within the department, taught younger students and led them on a variety of studies,  and wrote/published a number of articles and chapters of books on his subject of study.  One of the great scientific strides Daniel made during his fellowship, which he is very proud of are the seminal discovery of pinpointing DNA methylation as a mechanism for HIV disease latency as well as of HIV activation by herpes simplex and cytomegalovirus.  He also discovered unique, cutting-edge biological pathways for interferon-mediated inhibition of HIV assembly and transcription.  Daniel was also the lead in the development of completely novel recombinant gene therapy methods for the prevention of HIV transcriptions.

Thanks to his extensive education career, Daniel Bednarik was able to not only learn volumes about biopharmaceutical research and related topics, he also gained experience within his field and conducted research that led him to make discoveries on his own, ultimately paving the way for his career.  Daniel has worked at various biopharmaceutical companies, adding his knowledge and insight to the ideas and goals of the company and helping them to grow and develop overall.