Some Information on Rider University

Daniel BednarikRider University, in Lawrenceville, New Jersey is private nonsectarian university composed of five different academic areas of study.  These 5 colleges are th College of Continuing Studies, the Westminster College of the Arts, Education and Sciences, the College of Business Administration and the college of Liberal Arts.  Rider is known for being a more selective university in terms of its acceptance rate, which is at 72%.  More recently, Rider was among the 2014 edition of, “The Best 376 Colleges,” by Princeton Review.

Rider College began on October 1, 1865 and was originally called The Trenton Business College.  The first President of the schools was Andrew Jackson Rider, who helped the school to greatly develop and expand from its humble beginnings.  In 1897, some thirty years since its formation, the school became known as The Rider Business College.  It wasn’t until years later, after a great deal of expansion, renaming and new programs that the college became known as Rider University in 1994.  This was when the school was officially acknowledged as a University.

In more recent years, Rider University has put a great deal of money into revamping the campus.  This includes renewal of older University Buildings, such as academic halls, dining halls, and dormitories/on-campus living buildings, along with construction of brand new buildings.

Rider is located in a suburban area, just about 5 miles south of Princeton.  The campus is easy to navigate, with buildings all located within walking distance of one another, for the most part.

Rider University offers a great deal of variety in terms of what students can study, and with its multiple colleges, there is something for everyone at Rider.