Grant Award Management

When a grant is awarded, there is a formalized partnership put in place between the agency and the recipient. By finalizing this partnership, the agency and recipient are accepting that they will comply with federal laws, regulations, and polies. This enables the overall scientific endeavor and the integrity behind it to be protected. It is vital for the grantee and the National Institution of Health to have timely communication through all parts of the award process, whether it is the pre-award process, the award process, or the post-award process.

There are a number of roles for NIH participants once a grant is awarded. Firstly, there is a Grants Management Officer (GMO) who signs the Notice of Award. The GMO is the NIH official responsible for the management of the business and other non-programmatic aspects of the award. This is the person who makes sure the NIH and grantee staffs follow all requirements of laws, regulations, and administrative policies.

The Grants Management Specialist (GMS) works with the GMO in dealing with the day-to-day management of the grant. This person is assigned to recipients and the GMS’s information is placed on the particular grant’s Notice of Award.

The Program Official (PO) deals with the programmatic, scientific, and technical portions of the applications and grants. This person develops research initiatives and research training programs to meet the Institute/Center’s (IC) mission. This person also coordinates with the Center for Scientific Review and IC Scientific Review Officers on post-award administration and grants management. This includes the reviewing of progress reports, participating in site visits, and various other activities.

Grantee participants have other roles and responsibilities such as an Authorized Organizational Representative (AOR) and a Project Director/Principal Investigator (PD/PI). These roles are meant for representing the organization that received the grant and for directing the project as a whole. They verify the organization complies with regulations and laws and also using the funds appropriately.