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Daniel Bednarik’s extensive academic career is just the beginning of a long history of impressive education and years of experience working in the field of biopharmaceutical research. Daniel Bednarik is passionate about research in the medical field and it is this passion that makes his job so enjoyable and engaging.  He has contributed to a number of relevant and novel research projects that have forwarded understanding within the medical field.

Daniel Bednarik has contributed significantly to the stratification of clinical trials that utilize human biomarkers. He was a member of FDA Advisory Committee,  and has written and submitted a number of IND, IDE, BLA and CMC regulatory documents for review, a good deal of which have been published.  Daniel Bednarik is extremely proud of his career and the work he has done, but one of the accomplishments he takes the most pride in is his co-founding role in the invention and launch of Artesian Therapeutics, Inc.  While biopharmaceutical research is an interest of Daniel’s in and out of the office,  outside of the workplace he does have a number of hobbies and interests that he enjoys.  Among these are camping, hunting and rugby.  To learn more about the career, education history and hobbies of Daniel Bednarik, please have a look at the links below.

Daniel Bednarik resides and works in Germantown, Maryland.

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