Genetic Engineers Look to Produce Biofuels From Greenhouse Gas

Carbon-based pollution and the fuel economy are two problems that are intimately intertwined. Scientist are currently making headway in research that would provide integrated solutions to both, according to the Newscenter at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Essentially, researchers wish to see if it is possible to harvest industrial CO2 emissions and use them to […]

Foreign Applications for the NIH

The National Institutes of health is a part of the United States Department of Health & Human Services and it is the main U.S. Federal agency that not only performs, but also facilitates scientific and medical research.  The NIH seeks to fund projects that they believe will be the most beneficial for society at large […]

Grant Review Process for the NIH

An important component to grants with the NIH is their peer review process.  This system has been set into place to ensure that the projects that are funded are of the highest caliber and will yield the most rewarding results.  This careful review process contributes greatly to the overall excellence and success of the NIH […]

Grant Award Management

When a grant is awarded, there is a formalized partnership put in place between the agency and the recipient. By finalizing this partnership, the agency and recipient are accepting that they will comply with federal laws, regulations, and polies. This enables the overall scientific endeavor and the integrity behind it to be protected. It is […]

The Grant Process

Getting a grant from the National Institute of Health is not such a difficult process but a lengthy one. It requires time for the applicant to complete and then for the application to be processed. Once the application is submitted, it takes about nine months for the application to finish being reviewed. What goes on […]

Research Grants Through the NIH

  The National Institute of Health offers a wide variety of research grants for different purposes. Some commonly searched for grants include the NIH research project grant program, the NIH small grant program, NIH support for conferences and scientific meetings, and the NIH academic research enhancement award. Figuring out what grant is best to apply […]

National Institutes of Health

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) is the nation’s leading medical and behavioral research agency. The people of NIH are making important discoveries that are improving health, saving lives, reducing the burdens of illness and disability and ultimately increasing life expectancy of people in the United States. The goals the agency are to: 1. Encourage […]

Understanding Translational Medicine

Translational medicine is an area of study that many are unfamiliar with, but is a crucial component in the development and creation of new types of medicines that combat chronic diseases, and can ultimately save lives.  Biomedical research is the initial step, in which scientists conduct basic research experiments in order to get a general […]

Some Information on Rider University

Rider University, in Lawrenceville, New Jersey is private nonsectarian university composed of five different academic areas of study.  These 5 colleges are th College of Continuing Studies, the Westminster College of the Arts, Education and Sciences, the College of Business Administration and the college of Liberal Arts.  Rider is known for being a more selective […]

Drugs to Treat Addiction Issues

Worldwide, cocaine addiction affects 13.2 to 19.7 million people. In the U.S., it is responsible for more emergency room visits than any other illegal drug. In the long-run it harms the brain, heart, blood vessels and lungs, and often causes death. Cocaine users often want to quit rationally, but the biological dependency makes it feel […]