Baltimore Biologist Looking To Modify Tobacco Plants To Produce Sex Hormones For Trans People

    Ryan Hammond, a Baltimore based artist and biologist, is working on a project that has the potential to change the landscape of medication for transgender people forever. Hammond is launching his first round of fundraising to help fund his development of transgenic tobacco plants. The plants would produce estrogen and testosterone for hormone treatments. The goal […]

Preparing For a Scientific Peer Review

As a member of the scientific field, you will undoubtedly find yourself writing papers to present the research you have been working on for months, or more likely, years. Before your research will make it anywhere, you will have to get your work to pass a scientific peer review. The scientific peer review system is […]

Rudimentary Organs Are Being Grown From Stem Cells

It’s common knowledge that stem cell research has been the source of huge controversy within our society. Scientists who support stem cell research have been attempting to show the world how important it is to do this research for years.  A few days ago, it came to light that two different teams of researchers have […]