Grant Review Process for the NIH

An important component to grants with the NIH is their peer review process.  This system has been set into place to ensure that the projects that are funded are of the highest caliber and will yield the most rewarding results.  This careful review process contributes greatly to the overall excellence and success of the NIH […]

Grant Award Management

When a grant is awarded, there is a formalized partnership put in place between the agency and the recipient. By finalizing this partnership, the agency and recipient are accepting that they will comply with federal laws, regulations, and polies. This enables the overall scientific endeavor and the integrity behind it to be protected. It is […]

The Grant Process

Getting a grant from the National Institute of Health is not such a difficult process but a lengthy one. It requires time for the applicant to complete and then for the application to be processed. Once the application is submitted, it takes about nine months for the application to finish being reviewed. What goes on […]